24 hours emergency & ambulance Service: +02333357914, 01855-677500

  • 02333357914
  • 14/15,Mehedibug

  • 7 Days

    24 Hours


  • Designation

    Kidney Disease Dept. Chattogram Medical College Hospital.

  • Degree

    MBBS, BCS (Health), MD (Nephrology)

  • Gender


  • Time

    Everyday 8.00pm to 10.00pm (Friday Off)

  • Room Number


  • For Appointment

    01822685066 or 01827402322

Specialist: Dr. Saddat Hossain a distinguished Kidney Specialist with an impressive medical background, including an MBBS, BCS (Health), and MD in Nephrology. He is a beacon of expertise in the Kidney Disease Department at Chittagong Medical College & Hospital, demonstrating his commitment to advancing kidney care. Renowned as one of Chittagong's best Kidney Specialist Doctors, Dr. Hossain extends his services to National Hospital, Chittagong, where he welcomes patients in Room Number 2027. With a daily visitation schedule from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm (excluding Fridays), he ensures accessibility for those seeking specialized kidney health care. To secure your appointment with Dr. Saddat Hossain, reach out at 01822685066 or 01827402322. Entrust your kidney health to the expertise of Dr. Hossain for comprehensive and dedicated care.

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