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  • 09648 250 250
  • 14/15,Mehedibug

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    24 Hours


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    Consultant in Physical Medicine

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    MBBS, FCPS (Physical medicine)

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    Every Day 11am to 1pm, 7pm to 9pm (Friday off)

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Specialist: Dr. M.A. Mazed is a dedicated and highly specialized medical professional, focusing on Physical Medicine with expertise in areas such as arthritis, pain management, paralysis, and sports injuries. With his qualifications including an MBBS and FCPS in Physical Medicine, he brings a deep understanding of the human body and its functions. As a Consultant in the Department of Physical Medicine at National Hospital Chattogram and Sigma Lab Ltd., Dr. Mazed provides expert care to patients, offering them much-needed relief and guidance. His visiting hours, from 11am to 1pm and 7pm to 9pm every day (with Fridays as his day off), make it convenient for patients to access his services. To schedule consultations, individuals can contact him at 01831867841. Dr. M.A. Mazed's commitment to improving the physical well-being of his patients in Chittagong makes him a valuable healthcare professional, offering specialized care and support for those dealing with physical health challenges.