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Best Hospital in Chittagong | National Hospital Chattogram

best hospital in chittagong

Why We Are the Best Hospital in Chittagong?

National Hospital Chattogram is one of the best, largest, and most renowned private hospitals in Chittagong. National Hospital has earned the public's trust for decades due to its ability to accommodate 150 patients at a time. Within a short period of time after its inception.

With its spaciousness, caring staff, and modern treatment policy, it offers the finest hospital facilities. Well-trained and experienced doctors in the fields of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, Urology and Nephrology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, ENT, Child & Neonatology, and so on, as well as a well-equipped ICU, HDU, NICU, and SCBU, have ensured that patients are receiving quality care.

Cost Effective Medical Service

Cost-Effective Medical Services:

Despite its high-tech facilities, National Hospital Chattogram has always offered cost-effective medical services to ensure improved health all over Chittagong. What's more, a glance at the National Hospital Chittagong doctor list.


Trustworthy Diagnostic Testing Services:

Trustworthy Diagnostic Testing Services

Our reputation is as a trustworthy and innovative provider of high-tech solutions to the healthcare business. Through our infrastructure of laboratories and patient service centers, we provide the most comprehensive access to diagnostic testing services. In the hospital lab, 4D ultrasound, multi-slice CT scan, 4D echocardiography, video endoscopy, colonoscopy, and other new technologies are available. For decades, it has ensured clean lab services and precise report delivery.

Well-Equipped Pathology Lab:

Well-Equipped Pathology Lab

We are well-equipped in our pathology lab, from the most basic to the most advanced equipment and tools, to ensure accurate results. The hospital's and lab's impressive reach has attracted patients from further areas across the Chittagong division to receive appropriate and accurate treatment.

Quality Service and Care:

Quality Service and Care

National Hospital Chittagong and Sigma Lab (Ltd.) ensure quality service and care for their patients by putting patients first through the efforts of 500+ dedicated employees. Our top priority will always be the safety and well-being of our patients. We strive to outperform international healthcare standards for the benefit of our country.

Dedicated Workforce:


We have, without a doubt, a dedicated force working tirelessly for the well-being of our patients, trying to make us one of the most promising names in the modern health sector. Our expert staff and renowned specialist doctors are among the most dedicated in the country as we strive to provide the best possible treatment and medical facilities for our patients.

 Accurate Lab Reports:

We continue as a trusted healthcare firm among the people of Chattogram due to our world-class facilities and the accuracy of our lab reports. No surprise, our patients highly value our services, and we consider it our highest priority to maintain the highest medical service standards for each and every patient we treat.

Best Accommodation Facility:

Our accommodation facilities strictly follow hygiene protocols to ensure no risk of infection from the surroundings and to prevent the spread of germs. Our staff is well-trained and fully committed to providing the best possible time service to all of our patients.

The Most Effective Healthcare Solution:

At the hospital, our male and female doctors are among the most qualified and expert specialists in their fields. Patients can freely express their health concerns to our doctors, and we will do our best to provide the best healthcare solutions. In an emergency, our doctors are always ready to provide the most timely services to our patients.

Fast Emergency Unit:

Fast Emergency Unit

The hospital's emergency unit is on the ground floor to ensure no time is wasted in such times of need. Our emergency unit staff members are available 24/7 to attend to your emergency medical needs.

We stand out among the elite names of Chattogram Hospitals regarding the quality of our medical services and lab facilities. The amount of trust and popularity we have gained over the years certainly motivates us to continue providing the best medical facilities to all of our patients.


Convenient Medical Experience:

The overall atmosphere of the National Hospital is well maintained to give our patients a convenient medical experience. With the amount of dedication from our staff members, we keep hygiene as one of our first priorities to maintain a healthy environment inside our hospital. This helps to keep our patients safe from the spread of germs and infections.

Range of Expertise:

We offer medical services to people of all ages. From child specialists to gynecologists, our diverse team of expert doctors is here to provide the best medical solutions for all of our patient's health issues, regardless of age.

We have provided the best possible healthcare services over the years because of our patients' trust and support. Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of our patients at all times. We promise to do everything possible to ensure our patients' well-being and help them recover as quickly as possible.


Chittagong's Largest Private Hospital: