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Cancer Specialist in Chittagong

cancer specialist in chittagong

Cancer specialists provide services in many reputed hospitals located in Chittagong. National Hospital is one of them because here two specialist doctors provide services to their patients. The names of those two doctors are 1. Dr Md Nasir Uddin and 2. Dr Nasir Uddin Mahmud. 

Now in this article, we will know about them in detail:

Dr Md. Nasir Uddin
MBBS, BCS (Health) MCPS (Oncology) 
Special Training in Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
Room Number: 2018 ( 2nd Floor, B-Block) 
Time: Every day from 4 pm to 7 pm    (Thursday and Friday Off)           
Appointment: 01822864907, 01830067771, 01817402322

Dr Nasir Uddin Mahmud (shuvo)
MBBS, BCS (Health), FCPS (Radiotherapy) 
Clinical Oncologist
Chittagong Medical College Hospital
Room Number: 4022 (4th floor, New Building) 
Time: Every day from 7 pm to 9 pm (Friday off)           
Appointment: 01822685066, 01817402322, 01717059190