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Dr Fahad Goni

Dr Fahad Goni

Dr. Fahad Goni

MBBS (Dhaka), FACS(America)

MS (Orthopaedic-BSMMU),

Associate Professor & Head of Dept.

(IAHS, USTC, Chittagong)

Chamber at National Hospital 


Dr Fahad Goni


Orthopaedic Specialists Doctor


National Hospital & Sigma Lab Ltd

Visiting Hour

Every Day 7 pm to 9 pm (Friday off)


01716725274 & 01822685066

Best Orthopedic Specialist Doctor 

Dr Fahad Goni is a well-known orthopaedic doctor in Chittagong. With his exceptional qualifications, expertise, and dedication to patient care, Dr Goni has established himself as one of the best orthopaedic specialists in the region. In this article, we will look into his background, his specialization, and the excellent services he provides.


Dr Fahad Goni

Dr Fahad Goni is a highly accomplished orthopaedic specialist with an impressive educational background. He completed his MBBS degree from Dhaka and a prestigious FACS degree from America. His pursuit of excellence continued as he obtained his MS in Orthopaedic from BSMMU, further solidifying his expertise in the field.


Orthopaedic Specialization

With years of experience and extensive training, Dr Fahad Goni has become a trusted name in orthopaedics. He specializes in diagnosing and treating various orthopaedic conditions, including fractures, joint disorders, sports injuries, and musculoskeletal diseases. Dr. Goni's holistic approach focuses on providing personalized and effective treatment plans tailored to each patient's needs.


Head of Department at IAHS, USTC

As an Associate Professor and the Head of the Department at IAHS, USTC Chittagong, Dr Fahad Goni plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of orthopaedic medicine. His passion for teaching and mentoring young doctors ensures that the next generation of orthopaedic specialists receives the highest quality education and training.


Dr Fahad Goni Chamber

He practices at the National Hospital Chattogram, a renowned healthcare facility known for its modern facilities and patient-centred care. With a welcoming and compassionate environment, patients can feel confident receiving the best care under Dr Goni's expert guidance.


Visiting Hours and Appointment 

Dr. Fahad Goni visiting hours at National Hospital Chattogram are from 7 pm to 9 pm daily, with Fridays as his day off. To book an appointment with Dr. Goni, please call the following numbers: 01716725274 & 01822685066. His dedicated staff will assist you in scheduling a convenient time for your consultation.


Conclusion: Regarding orthopaedic care, Dr Fahad Goni stands out as one of the top specialists in Chittagong. His extensive education, experience, and commitment to providing the highest standard of care make him the go-to orthopaedic doctor for patients seeking reliable and effective treatment. If you need orthopaedic care, don't hesitate to contact Dr Fahad Goni at National Hospital Chattogram and experience his unparalleled expertise.


Remember, your health is your priority, and with Dr Fahad Goni by your side, you can be confident that you're in the hands of the best orthopaedic specialist in Chittagong.


Here are some FAQs related to Dr. Fahad Goni


Q: What is Dr Fahad Goni specialization?

A: Dr Fahad Goni is an orthopaedic specialist focusing on diagnosing and treating various orthopaedic conditions.


Q: Where is Dr Fahad Goni chamber?

A: Dr. Fahad Goni's chamber is at the National Hospital Chattogram.


Q: What services does Dr Fahad Goni provide?

A: Dr Fahad Goni provides comprehensive orthopaedic services, including diagnosis, treatment, and management of orthopaedic conditions such as fractures, joint disorders, sports injuries, and musculoskeletal diseases.


Q: How can I book an appointment with Dr Fahad Goni?

A: To book an appointment with Dr. Fahad Goni, you can contact the following numbers: 01716725274 & 01822685066. 


Q: What are Dr Fahad Goni qualifications?

A: Dr. Fahad Goni holds an MBBS degree from Dhaka and a FACS degree from America. He has also obtained an MS in Orthopaedic from BSMMU.