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Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin

Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin

Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin

MBBS, MD (Hematology)

Blood Cancer & Blood Diseases Specialist

Chamber at National Hospital, Chittagong



Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin


Blood Cancer & Blood Diseases Specialist


National Hospital & Sigma Lab Ltd

Visiting Schedule

Everyday 2 pm to 4 pm (Closed: Thu & Friday)


018263265857 or 01827402322


Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin is a distinguished Hematologist in Chittagong, renowned for his expertise in blood cancers and blood-related disorders. With academic credentials, including an MBBS and MD in Hematology, he is a testament to his dedication and proficiency. As a valued Consultant in the Department of Hematology at National Hospital, Chittagong, Dr Tanin provides specialized care and treatment to patients seeking solutions for complex haematological issues. His commitment extends beyond qualifications; he regularly chambers at the National Hospital, offering medical expertise and compassionate care.


Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin Chamber 

Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin's chamber at the National Hospital, Chittagong, is a pivotal centre for individuals with blood-related ailments. The chamber is conveniently located at 14/15 Dampara Lane, Mehedibag, Chattogram, providing easy access to those seeking his specialized medical services.


Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin Visiting Hours

To accommodate the needs of his patients, Dr. Tanin holds visiting hours from 2 pm to 4 pm, ensuring ample time for thorough consultations and effective treatment planning. However, it's important to note that his chamber remains closed on Thursdays and Fridays.


Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin Appointment

To secure an appointment and receive expert guidance from Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin, individuals can reach out through the provided contact number: +8801826691155. This ensures patients can access his knowledge and experience to manage their haematological concerns effectively. Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin's unwavering commitment to haematological care and his presence at the National Hospital, Chittagong, establishes him as a prominent figure in the field, offering hope and healing to individuals with blood-related disorders.


Exploring Hematological Expertise 

In medical specialties, Hematology is a crucial field dedicated to studying and treating blood-related disorders. Amidst the healthcare landscape of Chittagong, a prominent figure shines as a beacon of expertise in this domain – Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin. With a focus on blood cancers and blood diseases, Dr. Tanin's qualifications and commitment set him apart as a specialist dedicated to improving lives through precise diagnosis and tailored treatments.


Navigating Blood Disorders

Behind every exceptional medical practitioner lies a foundation of rigorous education and training. Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin boasts an impressive academic journey with an MBBS degree and an MD in Hematology. This rich educational background equips him with the knowledge and skills necessary to comprehend the intricate nature of haematological conditions. Armed with this expertise, he emerges as a trusted figure addressing diverse blood-related concerns.


Compassionate Care at National Hospital

Within the bustling city of Chittagong, National Hospital serves as a hub of medical care, housing skilled specialists from various disciplines. Dr. Tanin's role as a Consultant in the Department of Hematology underscores his commitment to providing compassionate care for patients grappling with blood disorders. Through personalized treatment plans and a thorough understanding of each patient's unique condition, he strives to bring relief and healing to those in need.


Booking Your Path to Hematological Wellness

Securing an appointment with Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin is a step towards reclaiming one's health and well-being. To book a consultation, interested individuals can reach out at +8801826691155. Dr. Tanin's regular provision of treatment during his practising hours, except for Thursdays and Fridays, underscores his unwavering commitment to patient care. By seeking his expertise, individuals are taking proactive measures to address their haematological concerns under the guidance of a compassionate and proficient specialist.


What are Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin qualifications? - He holds an MBBS and MD (Hematology) degrees, showcasing extensive medical expertise.


What is Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin specialization? - He specializes in blood cancers and blood-related disorders, offering dedicated care.


Where does Dr. Tanin practice? - He serves as a Consultant in Hematology at National Hospital, Chittagong.


What are his chamber location and hours? - His chamber is at 14/15, Dampara Lane, Chattogram. Open 2pm to 4pm, closed Thu & Friday.


How can I schedule an appointment? - Appointments can be made by contacting 018263265857 or 01827402322.


Dr. Jamal Uddin Tanin journey through academia, his pivotal role at National Hospital, Chittagong, and his commitment to specialized haematological care collectively highlight his significance in the medical field. As individuals navigate the complex landscape of blood disorders, they can find solace in his expertise and trust in his ability to guide them toward improved health and well-being.