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Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder

Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder

Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder
Child Diseases Specialist
Associate Professor (Child Health Department) 
Chattogram Maa-O-Shishu Hospital



Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder


Child Diseases Specialist


National Hospital & Sigma Lab Ltd

Visiting Schedule

Every Day 6 pm to 9 pm (Closed Friday)


 01926825372 & 01674811363


Meet Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder, a distinguished Child Diseases Specialist in Chittagong. With a rich academic background, including an MBBS, DCH from BSMMU, and an MD in Pediatrics, Dr. Shikder radiates expertise and dedication. As an Associate Professor at Chattogram Maa-O-Shishu Hospital and a NICU Consultant at National Hospital, his commitment to pediatric care is evident. Driven by a passion for nurturing young lives, he provides compassionate and expert care, exemplifying a unique blend of knowledge and empathy. For parents seeking specialized child care, Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder's chamber at National Hospital is a reassuring haven.


Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder chamber

Experience exceptional child healthcare at Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder chamber within National Hospital, Chittagong. With qualifications including an MBBS, DCH from BSMMU, and an MD in Pediatrics, Dr. Shikder's expertise is unparalleled. As a Consultant in the NICU, his commitment to children's well-being is evident. Located at 14/15 Dampara Lane, Mehedibag, Chattogram, the chamber provides a convenient refuge for concerned parents. Doctor Visiting hours from 6 pm to 9 pm daily (excluding Fridays), the chamber ensures flexible access to his specialized care. Reach out at 01926825372 or 01674811363 to secure an appointment and embark on a journey of dedicated pediatric care.


Specialists in Child Health 

When it comes to the health of our little ones, having an expert by your side is crucial. Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder name shines brightly in Child Health. With a comprehensive set of qualifications, including an MBBS degree, a DCH from BSMMU, and an MD in Pediatrics, he is a beacon of knowledge and proficiency in his field. His journey to becoming a leading Child Diseases Specialist is a testament to his dedication and passion for pediatric care.


Dedicated Service to Maa-O-Shishu Hospital

Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder's commitment to nurturing young lives is evident through his association with Chattogram Maa-O-Shishu Hospital. As an Associate Professor in the Child Health Department, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of pediatric care. His passion for his work and his deep understanding of the unique medical needs of children make him a trusted resource for both parents and fellow medical professionals.


Specialized Care for Children

Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder expertise extends to various aspects of child health, including neonatal care. As a Consultant in the NICU at National Hospital, Chittagong, he plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being of newborns. His approach combines medical precision with a deep understanding of the delicate needs of infants, making him a trusted choice for parents during their newborn's critical early days.


Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder Journey

Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder academic journey is nothing short of remarkable. His MBBS degree laid the foundation for his medical expertise, followed by a DCH from BSMMU and an MD in Pediatrics. These qualifications showcase his dedication to continuous learning and highlight his commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in child health. With each step of his academic journey, he's honed his skills and knowledge to become a true expert.


What are Dr. Shikder's qualifications? 

MBBS, DCH (BSMMU), MD (Pediatrics)


Where can I find Dr. Shikder's chamber? 

National Hospital, Mehedibag, Chattogram.


When can I visit for consultations? 

Everyday from 6 pm to 9 pm, except Fridays.


How can I book an appointment? 

Contact at 01926825372 or 01674811363 


Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder shines as a true luminary in pediatric care, blending his exceptional qualifications with genuine compassion. His extensive education, including an MBBS, DCH, and MD in Pediatrics, underscores his dedication to mastering his field. His commitment to nurturing young lives is palpable with an Associate Professorship at Chattogram Maa-O-Shishu Hospital and a Consultant role at National Hospital, Chittagong. Dr. Shikder's chamber provides a haven for parents seeking specialized care, where his expertise and empathy merge seamlessly. Dr. Nazrul Quader Shikder stands as an unwavering pillar of expertise and care for those entrusting their children's health.