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Dengue fever symptoms and treatment

Dengue Fever Symptoms and Treatment

Discover the symptoms and treatment of Dengue fever, along with the availability of dengue testing and comprehensive treatment at National Hospital Chattogram.

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dr mahbubul Ul alam ent specialist

Dr Mahbub Ul Alam Ent Specialist

Dr Mahbub Ul Alam, an esteemed ENT Specialist & Head Neck Surgeon with impressive qualifications and expertise

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Endoscopy test price in Bangladesh

Endoscopy Test in Bangladesh

Affordable endoscopy tests in Chittagong, Bangladesh at National Hospital Chittagong, price at 1500 to 3000 BDT

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Dr Mustafizur Rahman

Dr Mustafizur Rahman A Dedicated Cardiologist

Dr Mustafizur Rahman, a compassionate and dedicated cardiologist, at National Hospital Chittagong, Bangladesh. Contact 01822685066 for appointments.

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Serum creatinine tested price in Bangladesh

Get your serum creatinine tested at National Hospital

Get cost estimates for serum creatinine tests in Bangladesh, ranging from BDT 500 to BDT 1000, along with other information on the National Hospital.

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